HODLbag NFT: Training to the Moon!

2 min readFeb 17, 2021


Waiting for your crypto bags to pump? Get up and pump your bags, be fit and ready for the next bull run! Train to the moon with HODLbag!

Get up while waiting your coins to pump and do some real crypto bag exercises!

HODLbag is the physical product of HODLife. It will be redeemable through our NFT dApp at the end of this summer. The aim behind the project is to connect a blockchain based organization to real world products and create a truly exogenous smart contract based organization

“Wait… this is a huge goal and practically nobody else have done it before!” We believe this is the future and we aim to support this vision. As all projects start with a small step, we decided to start with an NFT. During the process, we have done much more than coding, this will be detailed in another post.

HODLbag is a fun NFT game. Everytime you buy a bag, the chosen design’s price PUMP and all the others DUMP. In practice it looks like this: if you buy an Eth bag, its price increases and the others (Bitcoin, Doge) go down.

Source: https://git.hsbp.org/HODLife/HODLbagNFT

The price increase is 3% after each purchase and the decrease is 2% for all other bag designs together. This means the whole NTF value keeps the PUMP.

Why an NFT game? Because there are no others like this currently and it was a fun process to get it finally to NOT the Ethereum MainNet, but BSC (because of gas fees) with our own designs. Also, the more funds we get through this game, the more we can spend on developing the exogenous HODLife DAO system.

It is fun! Get ready to HODL! Okay, so here is the dApp link for you to get some bags to Train to the Moon: https://hodlbag.org/NFT/

Looking for a crypto beginner buide? https://51x.medium.com/guide-for-getting-started-with-crypto-hodlbag-nft-7fde881ca62a

Real excercise

HODLbag provides not just memes and crypto tokens, but also real exercises. The US/Russia/Hungary patented sport product can make you fit!

See it in real life: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0pDYUvTE4w

HODL til Moon!